A Well Planned Academic Curriculum

We focus to make a child an independent, confident learner. Therefore more attention is given to freethinking, understanding and actual learning and less to memorization and copying. Children are encouraged to think and write in their own words instead of from blackboard. At AGS, we believe in providing a complete academic solution to your child.

Every Child is Different

Research has shown that not everybody learns in the same way. Some prefer experiments, some like lectures, some like to analyse and make hypothesis while some like to feel and experience for themselves.

Objective Assessment

The Assessment takes a wider view of the child’s capabilities and ensures that the unique talents and skills of every child get showcased. Assessment for AGS includes written and oral tests, coursework and practical assessment. Coursework is set and marked by the teacher

AGS Learners

The AGS approach helps to develop learners who are:

  • Confident: in working with information and ideas, their own and Those of others
  • Responsible: for themselves, responsive and respectful of others
  • Innovative: and equipped for new and future challenges
  • Engaged: intellectually and socially and ready to make a difference in the world.

Teacher Training Programs

The School provides training in instructional techniques and grade room management. The program introduces the teachers, to the latest learning theory and innovative teaching. 

Learning Made Fun

Now days all fresh brains enjoy cartoons and adopt new things from all those characters. We have portrayed those characters, shapes on walls and furniture. In this way children can easily memorize them in a very interesting manner with high accuracy.