AGS Co-Scholastic Activities

A Well Planned Academic Curriculum

At AGS, we have the expertise to assess and bring up talents. We have focused our approach in identifying the individualistic needs of children at school level, harness their potentialities and build their attitude. We then accordingly nurture their talent, to groom them so well that by the time, they are ready to take on the upcoming challenges of the world.

Besides academics, a student should participate in co-curricular activities. By participation in different activities students come to know in which field, they are good and can do better under the guidance of a teacher. This helps in the development of their overall personality.

AGS offers a wide range of activities for the holistic development of a child, which includes: 

  • Literary Activities: Storytelling, Poem recitation, Role play etc.
  • Scientific Activities: Experimentation and Exploration
  • Cultural Activities: Music, Drama, Dance Competitions, Fun Fair, Baby show etc.
  • Artistic Activities: Painting, Sketching, Drawing etc.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities:Festival, Birthday Celebration, yoga, Self Defence program for girls & Educational Tour etc.